Hayate no Gotoku 23 – Lovely family

I laughed so hard at Sakuya’s family – her father, little sister and brother and herself are some of the funniest anime characters I’ve ever seen; each is actually not that funny and they always crack the worst jokes – well, not as bad as trying for the “I lost my thumb” stunt on stage but pretty bad. But damn, together they’re comic gold.

Poor, poor Wataru. When he does the hamehameha ready gesture I almost died (or is it the Kenshiro’s ready gesture). But wow, that was…so…unfunny…and yet so funny at the same time.

But the key element to this episode was discovering the truth about relationships and confessions. Damn Wateru got totally destroyed, annihilated, slaughter, torn apart…Wow that was harsh.

Chiharu’s plot wasn’t interesting enough for me.

Finally, H I N A Hinagiku, hai hai, is ready to confess her feelings to rival number 2 (number is Nagi as we all know). Reall, plot progression? Shocking indeed.

Author: Ray

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