Hanasaku Iroha Final Episode, yakisoba romance!

The girl did it! She did it! Bonbotta! So awesome! Yeah!

Yes, Ohana is the woman! She confessed her love to Kou-chan at Bonbori matsuri (lamp fest)! That’s my Hobiron (balut)! Yes, she finally made up her mind. But she couldn’t on the bridge at first. Instead she said, “I like to eat Yakishoba.” And then, in front of a yakishoba yatai, she tried to confess but said, “I love…yakisoba.” And then, she finally said, “I love you, Kou-chan!” I screamed with euphoria, “Yattaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!“And then, the yakisoba master blessed their love with a yakisoba heart! I will name it “Yakisoba No Koi (焼きそばの恋 “yakisoba romance”).” Yakisoba pan, the best Eucharist of love!

Unfortunately, 3-D girls rarely confess their feelings. They always wait until a guy makes the first move. Yes, it’s always the guys that confess. Why always the guys? They cling to the old way of patriarchal romance. But Ohana did it! This again proves that 2-D girls are better than 3-D girls! I commend her for that! That’s the real feminism right there!

How I wish I got a confession from a girl… How awesome would that be… That is my dream in the land of free. But there’s no Ohana in reality. Until today, no girl has confessed to me. Screw 3-D!

Worker Ohana

Kissuiso ryokan was Ohana’s grandma’s dream. But she was retiring, so she decided to shut down the ryokan after Bonbori masturi. But everyone was against it including Ohana. Of course, that’s her ryokan, she can do whatever she wants. She owns it. It’s her property. Who cares if everyone is against closing. She’s the business owner, the boss. The others are just employees helping her business and living off her money. Business is dictatorship. No wonder nobody wants to be an employee but a business leader.

To me, job loss was a good thing for Ohana. She can apply for unemployment to collect checks. Work over there was really stressful. No time to rest. Totally physical labor, always running around. Non-stop. Probably they didn’t even have time to eat lunch. Always rushing. Hotel business is harsh. And Ohana still had to go to school and do homework besides work. She’s still an underage student, so she should be able to get a financial support from the government. She doesn’t need to work her butt off to finish school.

Because she lost her job, she was able to get together with him. Otherwise, she just let Kou-chan wander off. And probably she would’ve lost him forever. Labor makes romance extremely hard. So, it’s time for her to rest, become a bit lazy, and enjoy romance.

I’m glad that finally Ohana was liberated from servitude. And now she’s in a relationship, and pursuing her own path, instead of her grandma’s path.


Ohana’s kimono is really cute. Ah, I really want to date a girl with kimono! I want to walk with a girl at matsuri! Because matsuri is the only time girls wear kimono! I want to live in an idyllic country like Ishikawa, and be at Bonbori masturi! Idyllic romance is what I’ve been dreaming.

Bonbori masturi is in October, Kannazuki (神無月”no gods month”) because all gods gather in Izumo on the October 10th, yes, Moe Day! So, kimono girl moe is my destiny! Kimono moe rather than maid-fuku moe. Yes, like Ozu Yasujiro’s film, Ukigusa-monogatari. The very early Showa romance! Ahh, how I wish to have a kimono girl read my palm, the best excuse for holding hands. Yes, palm reading is an introduction to skinship!

And surely Shiki from Kara No Kyokai, holding her lover’s hand! A kimono girl under sakura fubuki!

A bud

Ohana was surely energetic confessing love! Bonborou (let’s get fired up)! Idiosyncratic word choice of her is cool. She surely has enormous life force despite her poor chest (貧乳 hin-nyuu). According to Manyuu, small chest doesn’t deserve to be treated as a human being! But she definitely is energetic, has overflowing life force. As she says about herself, she is a bud that is going to bloom!

Yes, a bud. “Rose-bud” in Greek is nymph. Yes, nymphet. In other words, Lolita! Lolita usually has small chest, and that’s totally fine! Hin-nyuu is pretty, since small is beautiful as Sei Shonagon said! And she’s a small girl, only 147 cm tall (less than 5 feet). Yes, a bud sprout. And “sprout” in Japanese is moeru (萌える), yes, moe (萌え)! And “bean sprout” is moyashi (萌やし)! Yes, swelling of bud. And the buds will be blooming! Look at her hairpins! It’s blooming! That is the essence of moe!

Thus, I thought this anime was boringly banal, but the last episode’s Yakisoba confession made the show superb! All’s well that ends well! I should go get UFO yakisoba then!

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

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3 thoughts on “Hanasaku Iroha Final Episode, yakisoba romance!

  1. I could totally read your excitement loud and clear. This was the sweetest final episode review I’ve ever come across. Think it made my morning XD
    It’s always awesome when a show is lackluster but the ending makes it all the time spent watching justifiable.

    Yakisoba is definitely worthy of love. There is no UFO where I am :(, so I will vicariously enjoy the nomness through you.

    1. @Shika

      Thank you for the comment! Yes, the final episode made it great! With Yakisoba heart! Oh no, no UFO over there? Miss megalopolitan life? Yeah, kansetsu UFO (indirect, vicarious UFO)!

  2. It left me with a special feeling…I love how the characters were and how everyone was special in there ways and had a story behind there actions. It kinda reminds me not many characters in anime and etc…. have cause of the mainstream

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