Gundam 00 ep 03 – Can the world really change because of CB?

snapshot20071022212419.jpgsnapshot20071022212513.jpgSERVICE SHOT FOR YAOI-CONSLET’S FUCK LATER!So they’re not just ambiguously gay!!!Gosh, I chipped a nail and my big gundam which I used to compensate for my lack of penile size needs a new paint job!

I had no clue how naive these gundam writers are. Terrorism isn’t going to stop just because some military intervention from outside. Even if the outside force fights both sides. In fact, what that often does is actually uniting the two enemies and make them fight against the outsider.

“…the REAL IRA stops their terrorism activities in Northern Ireland…”(snicker) I’ve been told that the IRA in real life (the really real IRA) had already stopped terrorism activities.

Outside intervention never stops anything, especially terrorism. See US military efforts in Iraq. Granted, in Gundam 00 the CBs are outsiders, but again, forceful interventions don’t stop anything – it often makes things worse.

Another scene is that transformable Gundam burns the field of marijuana (which is bad, mmmk?) or whatever  field of narcotic plants, and a bunch of poor villagers run out. I wonder if these people depend on these fields for their livelihood. Enlighten me.

This show apparently suffers a variation of the GW symptom –  that the Gundams are impossibly strong and way more advanced than the best technology at the time – and they’re not from space colonies. At least I haven’t see any colonies floating around in space. At least with these, the superior advancements can be explained because of the history and the science in Gundam dictate that people who permanently live in space evolves better than people are earth, and hence they can become more advanced – it’s just wishful thinking from the ’70s but at least there is a reasonable cause. But in this incarnation of Gundam, they apparently have done away with the reasonable explanation and we are looking at superior technology for no reason. I really hope they explain that later.

I got really sick of it when Exia easily takes out the enemy commander without suffering one scratch. There’s no sense of urgency and danger whatsoever. Hey, I’m Chinese American and I root for The Human Reform Leaguea nd the Empire of North America…I mean the Union of Solar Energy and Free Nations, and I hate pretty boys from the core of my being and this show has way too many of them. Yaoi fans can definitely make their pairings and every piece of dialog between these men and boys will make them squeal in utter delight. Gundam used to be about dreams and courage of young men who’s being thrust into a conflict laden and sad world (really, it’s just the allegory to our present shitty world), but now thanks to sell out designers and storytellers (the Japanese are permanent sellouts for the sake of working. Live there and you’ll understand), it’s a yaoi ass fucking fest without much drama.

Oh sure, they finally realized that the idea of starting military intervention to stop war is in itself a laughable excuse. Oh gee, like the rest of the world and other finer shows haven’t realized that already. Sure, maybe they’ll discuss the after effects of each and every operation to the local people. I can hope they’ll at least get more intelligent in the plots and theit world view.

So far, like many other gundam shows, this one drags. At least Gundam Seed (a modern gundam) creators know cliffhangers and every episode is exciting because Arch Angel always have to fight their way out tooth and nail. Here, besides the bishonen fuckfest, dumbass sullen sulky young jerks who probably parallels stoners and outcasts in high schools in US (and I wouldn’t be surpised, Japan) in real life, not so dramatic battles (gosh, I wonder if any of these gundams will have to get a new paint job and maybe these pilots will chip a nail or two), way too many characters, and a naive look at real life situations makes this one a stink in my nose and a loser in my book. I’m getting too old for bishonen/unrealistic/dumbed down concept of mecha shows.

I’d love to be enlightened if anyone thinks I’m wrong.

67% recommended for your daily anime diet. I completely shifted my view around because I find too many unreasonableness floating around.

Author: Ray

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3 thoughts on “Gundam 00 ep 03 – Can the world really change because of CB?

  1. forced peace maybe? perhaps they looked at their options and decided that giving up was in their best interests.

  2. Well, this is Seiji Mizushima after all… if he’s the director, then there’ll be conspiracy in the plot. I think there’s an open space for many ways the story can develop. I’m quite surprised no one mentioned this. The heroine (Marina Ismail) born in Middle Eastern country, but she’s the princess? In a radically chauvinistic culture?

    And also there’s still the one that announce Celestial Being. It might be that he lives (think Ghost in the Shell, transfer of thought/ideals through memory/mind transplant etc).

    I think the purpose of CB to exist in G00 universe is not that shallow. Or maybe, from the beginning CB is not the protagonist but the antagonist (like the military in FMA))

  3. “REAL IRA” is a real, radical splinter group formed when the main IRA (aka “Provisional IRA”) stopped fighting. Just thought you should know.

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