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Golgo 13 – oh! I think that’s the reference.

The place where Jesus Christ was crucified was called “Golgotha” in Aramaic (Hebrew).

The symbol for Golgo 13 is a skeleton with a strange, thorn-like crown on its head.

This probably means nothing, just like Eva’s imageries.

In this episode, once again, we get to learn how much god-like DUKE is.

(Has anyone noticed that a lot of dogs have the same name?)

Good ol’ DUKE, taking the guy out with one single shot with wind blowing across, from an impossibly far away building.

You know, if he were an American football player he’d kick the winning field goal, with the wind blowing side ways.

The stoic bastard doesn’t react like what criminals do in CSI!

I’d love to see him go against Grison from CSI. After all, I used to watch that, and now here’s DUKE Togo, who can snipe someone from more than 500 meters away, with the wind blowing side ways, with the scope not even showing the forehead of the target clearly…and well, you know.

He’s a sniper god.

There really isn’t much of acting on his part, since he has the sour expression of Steven Segal all the time.

Nice show. Kind of boring, through.

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