Ghost in the Moe, Spring 2012

You know, ghosts and zombies were something I used to be terrified at. Usually with horror films. But Yuuko-san and Rea-chan have changed all that. 

But, this anime season was really good, 2012 Spring. I really liked Sankarea, Rea is super cute, so gentle otome. But she’s a zombie! Ah, I don’t care if she’s a zombie. I want to date her, and hold her hand, but probably her hand is cold since she is dead. But at least skinship is possible. Her skin tone is purplish, but I don’t care her skin color. As long as she’s cute, who cares! Otaku can even date a zombie, we otakus are very open-minded! Especially she biting the leaf of Ajisai is so tempting, oh, seductive, erotic and cute, or ero-kawaii. And Rea is super strong. She is very good at fencing. Reminds me of Utena, Juri-senpai. And the other characters are great too, Wanko, a super voluptuous cousin, and Mero, a little sister! Heaven sent for an imouto-moe like me!


I really loved Dusk Maiden Of Amnesia. It reminded me of Mizoguchi Kenji’s Ugetsu Monogatari. A beautiful ghost tries to suck energy out of a young man. But Yuuko-san is different. She ain’t no femme fatale. She’s totally the heaven sent angel! Yuuko-san is really cute even though she’s a ghost. Usually it is impossible to have skinship with a ghost. Yet, in the anime, she’s tangible to Teiichi-kun. Too bad I’m not a psychic. I can’t see any ghosts. And I can’t touch them. If a ghost is that cute, I really want to touch them!

Ah, Yuuko-san is so dere-dere from the begining. Not typical tsundere like Eri Sawachika from School Rumble, first she’s a mean bitch, but later becomes icha-icha (lovey-dovey). I really love dere-dere girls! How many 3D girls can act that cute? “None!” to my knowledge. Only if they become a sexual partner, which can never happen in real life, especially to otakus. She’s like, “You saw me naked, I can’t become a bride anymore.” It was actually her skeleton that was seen. Yeah, “naked.” And she’s already dead!

Moreover, she gets jealous when Teiichi-kun talks to other girls. A girl getting jealous at you, ahh, cute. Yes, she is the otome! How deeply she cares about Teiichi…rather very possessive. She wants to have entire possession of him exclusively. Especially that fried egg incident, ahh, the top of my head exploded!

Dere-dere is supreme. Divine. It itself is divinity. Nothing else. No need to have definition for that. Adding few words would be redundant. Because it’s self-evident! I can’t stop niya-niya (grin grin). She often blushes, and looks at him sentimentally. Ahh, dokidoki, my heart pounds explosively. If some girl looks at me like that, ohhh, “Don’t look at me like that!” She’s kind of shy, but her body expression is OMG. Totally hot! If she presses her breast against my upper arm, I would definitely blank out!

I can’t believe she had that asset during the 1940s. It was during the war, so she must have lacked nutrition. Oh yeah, she is a ghost, so she can change her appearance as she wishes? Oh yeah, I must note that her PE uniform is utterly dynamite sexy! 

But what counts the most is her personality. Dere-dere is so cute. Cuteness is righteousness. Cuteness is justice! I so want to confess love to her if I’m able to see her, listening to that niya-niya inducing full of dere gesture PV, Jet Coaster Love by some K-pop group, “Go confess your love!

Ahh, Tasogare Otome Amnesia. That title is awesome. Tasogare is “dusk” or “twilight” in Japanese. And Otome is “maiden, virgin.” And Yuuko (夕子) means “dusk girl.” Yes, exactly Dusk Maiden = Yuuko literally! So, it is Yuuko’s Amnesia. So, it’s All About Yuuko!

Tei-ichi (貞一) means “chastity first.” So, having sex with a ghost doesn’t count, hu? Yes, Catholic sisters are married to Christ, but they are virgins. Teiichi-kun is “married” to Yuuko-san, but he’s a virgin. So, he’s a monk. Monk as voluntary celibate and otaku as involuntary celibate (incel) have in common, having sexual relationship with non-3D girl. Yuuko-san, ore-no-yome (my wife)!

Thus, zombie and ghost moe, the new moes I discovered and developed this season, Spring 2012! How enlightening this season was!


Author: Monsieur LaMoe

A refugee from Japan. Live in NAFTA. Get hooked on Moe. Moe is opium? Twitter: @MonsieurLamoe

2 thoughts on “Ghost in the Moe, Spring 2012

  1. I love how you write things, I’ve been reading your reviews for a while and I could say I’m a big fan of yours, the way you express yourself is soooo cool and entertaining, I always have a good time reading them :DDD, so I have to thank you 😀
    But there’s a thing I have to disagree with, a girl getting jealous at you is not cute at all!!! really!!

    Greeting from germany 😀

    1. @Franz

      Thank you for the compliment. I’m glad that you enjoyed my writing. It certainly gives me good motivation. I love a jealous girl like Yuuko-san, because you know how much she wants you like “He’s mine!” which never happens in real life. Wow, from Germany! That’s really cool!

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