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Ga-Rei-Zero – so like, you know it already, of course, but…


Everyone’s fucking dead! [/spoiler]

I really like how the show started, with action and deaths, but…

What the hell? That was a great way to end episode one, wasn’t it?

Of course, this was one of the most shocking ending (or was it) in anime history, but damn, they were overwhelmed pretty fast.

As usual, too many names and I remembered 2: Tooru and Nastuki. Take a wild guess what happened to them, too.


The entire show is some sort of Buddhism exorcist but different from Shibakane Hime: Aka. I mean, scientifically destroying demons is cool and the entire show started with a bang, but…

Tomino, you’d be very proud.

I guess this is from a dating sim or something, but Gai-Rei, you’ve got my attention, all right (as if hundred’s of bloggers haven’t wrote about this already).

I can’t help but feel that the last part is stretched out so that we’d have to watch the credits to see what happens…


Let’s see if anyone comes back?

P.S. Awesome animation that nobody should miss.

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