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El Cazador 18 – A filler coated with Ghost tale elements .

So. We have Nadi who can’t tell that the store clerk is one of Jody’s two minions. Nice disguise. Just take off her sunglasses and Nadi can’t recognize her. It’s like in Sailor Moon and in all classical Magical girl shows, as soon as Sailor Moon is out of her hair pieces and costume, nobody realizes she’s Sailor Moon. Nice borrowing from a classical instance.

I don’t know, but do Mexicans/South Americans say “chao”? Or this is supposed to be funny? Or is this a test for the average Japanese on his or her knowledge about the difference between Spanish and Italian? Or this doesn’t mean anything at all? Then we have the really smart girl – JODY (not Nadi, but I’m not surprised), who finally decides that she’s going to come and help in the operation of recovering Elis, and check on the old man. Then we have the fearless old man who runs the hotel, but oh wait, he doesn’t even exist? He’s a spirit/fairy cough *pedophile ghost * cough, who asks Elis if she wants to be his wife – is this really a joke? Well, after watching ep 14 where that pedophile romance between the doctor and Elis went on, I really don’t want to stop being suspicious anymore. Oh well, at least the old grandpa is a nice person…I mean ghost…I mean spirit…what?

Oh and, as soon as I saw that station wagon, I went: “Uh-oh.” and lo and behold, there’s Ricardo again! I mean, gosh since Nadi/Elis keep on “bumping” into Ricardo/Lilio, something’s going to happen, right? I mean it’s been 3 or 4 eps but Ricardo and Lilio just act like filler characters? What the hell?

Oh look! Here comes L.A.! Now he’s hugging dolls! Now he’s at the country inn! Now’s fighting Jody! Now he and Jody just disappears! Oh I know! A miracle! Hallelujah! I mean, Kokopelli!!!!

Please, this is turning into one of the average Japanese’s favorite past time – listening to strange, unexplained events relating to ghosts and supernatural stuff. YEAH, OF COURSE I know this is a JAPANESE SHOW! But geez, isn’t this also the last arc of the girls with guns trilogy? God, the supernatural plot of Madlax was bad enough (they ripped off “Lost” with the jet crash, now that’s bad).

Oh, here’s something else, it’s Elis/Alice in Mexican Wonderland, perhaps? Complete with a dream sequence where she and Nadi turn into kids and walk into the corn stalk field. I don’t know anything about that baseball movie with a cornfield, no I don’t, but didn’t Kevin Costner appeared out of the cornfield or something? I half expected kid Nadi and Elis bump into Kevin Costner and they all disappear and a baseball flies out and konk L.A. on this head – at least that would actually make this show funny (did I mention that Nadi and Elis make a terrible Kansai comedian team?)

Finally, a circle of fire surrounds Nadi, Jody, and L.A. (gosh please stop calling him by name), and the circle turns into that light column from Escaflowne…I mean a random column of light, and L.A. is taken to Gaia…I mean to the top of a small bus. Jody came back with Mireille…I mean that blond haired woman, and the store clerk who, without any disguise at all before, said “chao” to Nadi, and finally the witch council trio 3 discovered that the country inn is just an abandoned place. Jody then talks about unexplained things like she’s the host of a travel show talking about strange things encountered while shooting the show.

I guess Elis now has the power of letting the spirits help her, eh? I sure hope all these are explained SOON.

I can’t blame Elis getting for pissed off at Nadi even though Nadi accompanied her for a long time – I mean, Nadi almost never saves the day, and in the last ep, the day was saved, thanks to Elis, the slippery ice, and Nadi’s clumsiness?! Brilliant.

I know I’m being way harsh here, but after watching 293+ shows completed and 80+ shows incomplete, and after watching enough Claymore, I just can’t bring myself to give this show a good score. I’m not dropping it only because A: I don’t really drop a show unless it’s god awful. B: I’m on ep 18, and there are some good things going for this show, and C: Oh well, I guess at this point I just want to see what happens next.

This show was getting better, and in this ep we learn that Jody doesn’t want Elis to go to the holyland/promised land/destination, but LA does. Yeah, like I didn’t know that before.

Once again no action happened in this ep. But what the fuck did I expect?

69% recommended for your daily anime diet. I’m tempted to give it 64% but the 5% comes from the music and that little thing we learned about the different intentions that Jody and LA have.

P.S. I didn’t know Elis can drive a car. Nadi’s looking more and more useless around Elis, except as a lesbian lover similar to the role of Mireille in the implied relationship between Mireille and Kirika in Noir? Perhaps.

P.S. 2 Did you notice that most characters don’t even have Spanish names? Jody Heyward, Rosenberg, Melissa, Heiman, Elis’ guardian and lover, LA (what the hell’s with that name, anyway), and others. Only Ricardo, Lilio, and perhaps Nadi have Spanish names. Sheesh…

P.S. 3 Oh I know! That old man is an alien! We see crop circles! Or at least, a crop pictogram! So that light column does have something to do with Gaia! And Nadi doesn’t realize or even have any suspicions as to what’s going on at all! Brilliant!

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