El Cazador 16 – My preciousss! My tacosss! My Elisssss!


Yeeehahahahaha! Slaughter! Kill! Destruction! Revenge! Where is the revenge? Why Nadi, why? Why aren’t you going after Jody? Why aren’t you accepting assassination cases before you become a waitress again? Why? Take up your gun! Give in to your hate! My preciousssssssssss!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Owowowowowow… Stop, stop! OK, OK! (Putting away Friday Monday’s half mask, the One Ring, and Emperor Palpatine’s hood with a great effort). So, the plot is moving, yes, but this eps is in essence, half a filler, after all.

I shook my head when I saw Nadi and Elis wearing the Amigo Tacos waitress uniforms again. To be frank, I know there’s a reason but I was simply not impressed with the so-called humor device (although the interview is funny). Because the way the show had been going before the last 3 or 4 eps, I had to think that they’re fucking with us again. Yes, Nadi and Elis need a job, so instead of the stupid waitressing job, why not go after someone. Oh, sure, Nadi actually explains that because it would take too long. Well, then, why didn’t you do it before you went starving?


You may argue, that’s because they’re on the run. Well, since I’m rather tired of this show trying so hard avoiding super cool gunfights at almost all costs, how about reward the poor old me who followed it this far expecting some real radical action? How about feeding this poor old me a piece of long enough action scrap? I mean, to be perfectly harsh (don’t I always?), either get rid of the stupid action flick-like OP sequence and just be totally out in the open about what this show really is (hasn’t this show been trying to do that for the past 15 eps?), or give me the gunfights! The slaughter! The terror! The killer instincts! Gahahahahhaha…Ah…ah…ah hum. In any case, yeah, I know this is a show with a real plot and some complexity and doesn’t rely primarily on secret organizations or some supernatural-dimensional-opening books and psycho-babble, but again, it’s the theme of this franchise that gets to me. Before I lost all of my readers (as if I had any in the first place, silly me!), let’s talk in depth about this eps.

Something important happens in this eps – we get to learn (though I don’t think any of us is actually surprised) that L.A. knows something extremely important to Elis (or he might have said it before, I can’t remember). What I remember the most is the seiyuu’s effort playing L.A. (man, that’s like a strange and somewhat cheesy name from a Tarantino movie or that Rodriguez guy’s movie) – he gave me a chill up my spine and creeped me out good. This guy deserves a “Seiyuu of the year” award for what he has been doing in the show. He made me wonder if he were a real obsessive sociopath in real life!

The desperation and obsession of LA is boiling, but it doesn’t explode after his beating. I don’t know whether it’s just an interlude before it finally explodes, or it’ll never explode. After seeing 300+ anime, completed and not, I ‘d say it’s just an interlude. He has been a walking time bomb for 16 eps, I guess poor ol’ LA just have to wait until the last 2 to 4 eps before exploding. Maybe when Nadi, Elis, and LA all reach their common destination some strange witch power will make all of them explode. Who knows?


Something important happens to Elis too. She learns to feel what it’s like being pissed, and I mean extremely pissed like a certain female wrestler on ‘roid rage. I mean, she kicks LA’s ass, hard. She wants to finish him off or continue give him a beating (well, it’s just a beating from a 10 year old little girl without much testosterone, right?), but Nadi stops her from her “carnage”. But Yes! She finally does something about LA’s harrassment. Go Elis! Kick his ass! Yeah yeah! Heh heh heh…

Nothing else much happens in this eps. Nadi is her usual goofy self displaying some sassy dealing with guest gropers (ha ha), and there were some comedy with the owner of that branch of Amino Tacos, and more Japanese-style jokes about the word “tacos” and the made up tacos jingle.

As for action, the most action that happened in this eps is Elis kicking ass while LA looking all sensitive and hurt. Oh my preciousss Elisss…You…you hit me! He so whined like a little boy he made Shinji look like Gutsu.

Oh, and the narrator didn’t have to actually tell us that Elis learned to get pissed off. We saw that ourselves.

I should’ve realized earlier, but Elis is based of a Rei Ayanami clone.


Mercifully, this article is short. So let me end it that way. So my recommendation is

74% recommended for your daily anime diet, I took off 2% due the boredom I felt other than LA’s excellent performance. He earned most of the percentage.

Author: Ray

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