ef episode 1 – melancholy and the infinite overdoneness


Raki finds Rei Ayanami at an abandoned station, with texts explaining and highlighting stuff plus strange imageries with sappy piano music playing in the background to heighten the mood.

The director for Pani Poni Dash and Zetsubo Sensei is assisting this time and I frowned as I looked at some of the image switches and wondered about their meanings.

Confused? So was I.

The first thing I noticed as I watched the show is that Motoki TAKAGI, who played Raki in Claymore, begins the show, but after sometime it became obvious that he’s actually not the main male character. I’m not so sure the transition was done well and although I wasn’t confused (I didn’t drink anything), I can’t say it was a good thing to do.

One other thing I noticed is that the entire episode looked like a moving dating sim graphic novel. It felt like they really wanted to make the show exactly like the game that it was based on, even with the timing of the music and the strange graphical effects of cutting out people and filling them with a background of another scene. I suppose these make good transitions.

But the story really begins when our real protagonist, Hirono Hiro (Hiro-Hiro), gets his bike stolen, and when he chases after the girl who takes his bike, Miyamura Miyako (Miya-Miya), he finds her fainted.

He calls the ambulance on the phone; she woke up, and both of them go after the original thief, who supposedly stole Miyako’s bag.

They end up on a snowy beach, on Christmas Day.

Certainly, the animation is decent, the story is actually intriguing and the beginning is different, I mean, Raki meets a Rei-like girl (she has an eye-patch that hospital uses). Both of them like reading…I’m sorry, I just recently finished Claymore and I just can’t get that out of my head.

I won’t say this is cliched, in fact, believe or not I was more intrigued than anything. I may even follow this.

(I’ve noticed that my reviews of shows of this season is contradictory of many other reviewers’ opinion. I wonder if that’ll make my articles unpopular, oh dear oh dear oh dear…)

No score on this one because I need to see more of this.

Author: Ray

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3 thoughts on “ef episode 1 – melancholy and the infinite overdoneness

  1. Contradictory reviews? It might be just the opposite of unpopular, if my totally prejudiced and unfair review of Kimikiss Pure Rouge is any indication!

  2. Since I ditched CULEYMOAR fast, I kept hearing Matsuka from Terra e… 😛 I heart the show though, unlike you, and 3 guys instead of 1 = new in my anime.

  3. I actually really liked the show. The visual style seems to have specific themes for each character/pair/settings which was interesting instead of jarring for me since I took a few film theory classes. The first half was definitely rougher than the second though. Raki/Rei’s scenes were more static so they didn’t confuse as much. (I can’t remember their real names now thanks to your post… :-p)

    I’ll likely be watching this show with a bit more interest than most, since I’m partial to Shaft as well as film theory. Two things that probably aren’t all that common ^.^;; Glad to see someone else is at least intrigued though, since most of the reviews I’ve seen thus far were “OMG SHAFT RUINED THIS BLEH.”

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