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A different take on something already reviewed.

It seems this series is still trying to find itself. For an episode that starts with a fight, it is a little slow. The fighting seems to be pretty ineffective on all sides. Although it does beg the question: what weapons would work against dragons? The military seems to be full of people with no clue what to do. They work to cross purposes that only create more problems. The funny thing is they are trying to recruit Jin in some way and the best idea they have so far is to shoot at Toa and try to capture Jin. The other side is that one leader is trying to call in another army to shoot the dragons with missiles. If the dragons are just flying around minding their own business they let them be. It is the same logic that says if you find a hive of wasps, your best course of action is to throw rocks at it. Just asking for trouble. After that fails miserably, they decide to use the other dragons and that doesn’t really work either. They all just shoot balls of light at each other. And when they have to “abandon” capturing one of the other dragons it gets killed like no one’s business. So the dragons are incredibly weak and can’t capture another dragon, but on the other end killing ain’t no thang to them. Just silly there.

The annoying side of the story is that Toa creates the artificial boundary between them. Does she really expect his response to be “oh yeah will she said its other fine gonna go find another pink haired chic.” For some reason I don’t think he is ready to give up on her yet. But it was a nice little heart string to pull when he calls her a liar as he sinks into the ocean. My predication at the moment is that he is going to end up with her by the end of series, but there are going to be frustrating instances where they both create barriers to keep each other distant.

On a side note, I hated the transforming sequence. It was just like every other one and nothing special. When Toa turned into a dragon it was quick and pretty but the rest was long and dreary. Sudden vortex appear! Sorta logic. Hopefully most of the rest of the episodes aren’t going to have the same annoying transformation sequences.

P.S. Naked man alert in this episode.

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1 thought on “Dragonaut 3–cliches WHOAAA

  1. Damned stupid cliches! That’s what I didn’t like about it!
    I find Kazuki’s reaction toward Jin very much like Johnny’s toward Camille from Zeta Gundam. I’m waiting for Kazuki’s go all psychotic on Jin in later episodes.
    I kind of wanted the bishojo transformation made for the huge breasted dragon lady (literally) while she say something like: “Makina dragon powaaaa…Maaake UP!” And she spins and bounces around while sparking lights and other stuff and her proportions slowly change into a dragon…On second thought, Ugh.
    I hope nobody moe dragons. XD

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