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Dragonaut 2 – the battle of guardian forces/Espers/monsters from Final Fantasy series.

My mind started play the boss music from FF5 or 6 (I think it’s FF3 in US) when the dragon from one of the ISDA dragonauts turned into a monster dragon, and Toa just turned into a dragon.

Jin is trying to escape from the train departing for afterlife, and Toa’s with him, but it turns out that Toa’s one of the Guardian forces and Jin must able to control her to fight off the berserk dragon accompanying one of the pursuers from “Shinra”…

This is seriously borrowing elements from RPG and all, and with a lot of trying-to-be confusing stuff thrown in. Here the way I see it:

USDA…I mean, ISDA is’ trying to defend the earth (maybe) against a comet/star/whatever thingy that’s trying to destroy earth (see FF7), and the thingy with an eye (see Sauron) sends out Universal Monsters (Uju Kaijo, see Gunbuster 1 and 2), but somehow the humans can connect with some of these monsters, I mean dragons, and fight with them against the alient invasion forces.

Add some cute girls, currently super popular seiyuu (what, Aya-chan’s just a very, very small character???), titanic bosoms, and fucking stupid hairdos, and you got a winner, right?

The confrontation between Jin and his former best friend Kazuki, who tries to convince him to come to the power of the ISDA side, is similar to Athrun and Kira. It certainly adds dramatic depth to the show. That’s always appreciated.

As for the rest of the show, it’s too early to tell if it’s good or bad. There are many characters (all with god-awful hair styles, that much I can tell), with hopefully many back stories and interesting interactions. So far, I don’t see any.

Toa kisses Jin (oohoo! Come and get some, she practically says), and then she transforms into a girl dragon, and chaos will ensue in next episode.

I’m going to say 76% recommended for you daily anime diet. I wonder if my patience will hold for this cliche-laden show. Sorry no thoughtful and in depth review there, but play FF series and you’ll get the idea.

P.S. That girl with the ultra awful hairdo butler says to Jin, What a “small” guy….Har har har har. Not that funny

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