Detroit Moe City 10 ??!!! – a moe bait for metal fans???!!!!





Damn, part 2 definitely blew part 1 away! Part 2 could very well be the nightmare of many moe fans out there!

Having someone using a little girl voices singing: “Your pussy (cat) is enough and that pig slut…” Uh…or Ugh…Wow…

KRAUSER-TAN! SAIGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You just gotta see it to appreciate its grotesqueness…DETeROIT MOE JITY!!!!!

(Ray passed away due to excessive laughter and bizzaro-ness)

Author: Ray

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3 thoughts on “Detroit Moe City 10 ??!!! – a moe bait for metal fans???!!!!

  1. Why have boundaries?
    DMC is awesome. We need something like this to provoke our sensibilities.

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