Code Geass R2 Episode 20– What the Bloody hell, Lazy ass writers.


Worst Episode ever, read more to find out why:

Ok so I am pretty confused by this episode. And I really do not care. It was just a lot of blah blah blah. It would have been a much cooler build up if it did not try to be so dramatic. It was really bad how they tried to make Lelouch come back with fire and kneeling Knightmares. It was like they decided right at the end to create a whole new show that is not nearly as good as what it originally was. There is no outmaneuvering by Lelouch. There are no allies being sneaky to help him. Also it was downright confusing.

Wait? What?
Wait? What?

What is the deal with Anya? Did Marianne have geass and teleported herself into Anya? Did someone else use Geass to do that? Are we going to learn that Marianne had geass and so she is the one the plotted her own murder. That would make me incrediblly mad if that is the case. Oh and C.C, just turns out she was chillin’ in her mind. No reason why she did that. It was completely pointless now that we see how easy it is to bring her back to her normal self. I feel like an old person confused and angry at the show. Instead of wowing me they just made a lazy show.

Title is enough said.
Title is enough said.

Suzaku is still a little bitch. Now he wants to use the super-weapon on everyone. Also he gets Schneizel to declare himself emperor. It is nice that after a couple of episodes of sitting out he is totally back to being the moron he always was. Also for Schneizel being Lelouch’s equal he does not do anything special. He got Lelouch kicked out the Black Knights. BIG DEAL. Lelouch responds by going back to the crazy ass brain machine. Then his cunning plot is to blow up the door to the Crazy Ass Brain Machine. CABM is now supposed to be inescapable? Why did he not do that earlier? UGH. It is so dumb they use all of this plotting only to create this episode!?!? I am so very disappointed and bile filled over this. Ugh.

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  1. I agree about the laziness in this episode. Everything seemed to just come from nowhere, rather than through careful building-up. But then again, since this is Geass, I guess it was to be expected.

  2. Dude, you’re a retard. The questions we have are sure to be answered, but most of yours are just stupid. Suzaku doesn’t want to use freya everywhere, he just was attempting to take responsibility for his actions so they would let him go get himself killed. He wants to be “crucified”, thus why he went to kill the emperor.
    They’ve led us to believe that Marianne was the cause of her own murder for a long time, it should come as no surprise. They’ve also been dropping tons of hints regarding Anya and her past being tied to Geass.
    And considering that they have no concrete reason why CC should have the amnesia, they can unwrite that scenario just as easily. Especially given we had already been introduced to her hall of memories.
    The writers aren’t lazy, you’re just stupid.

  3. Don’t hate suzaku too much.It’s just that he’s so fed-up with the whole geass-related thing.You know after all he knew that charles&lulu messed up everything by using geass.He’s so confused with them&feel like putting a stop to it.(the geass).

  4. Code geass r2 episode 20 certainly is a lazy produced episode…
    the story in this episode is so different as it is just simply ploted ….
    lets see how the episode 21 goes….(T.T)

  5. I believe that this episode might have been better if they A:Had a better Budget B:Weren’t in Such A Rush.

    Overall: B+

  6. More like being lazy, they were just on a rush. But I can handle that if next week’s episode is better and retroactively explains the whole C.C./Anya/Marianne deal.

  7. You might attribute this episodes lack of quality to the widely known fact that new time slot = radical plot change. Some shocking thing that were no-brainers when s1 of geass is considered ended up never coming to pass, there’s a translated interview with the producer on not.dotq (maybe somewhere else, I was linked through randomc). The interview explained how this isn’t the r2 that was intended back when they had a later time slot that allowed them to do more visually shocking things with an already shocking-revelation-ridden plot. All I can do is trust that despite the fact that they went back to the drawing board and sanitized the current season to meet primetime standards, this episode and others (like “World of C”) will have their complete randomness and seeming pointlessness explained in a manner befitting everything that has come before in the geass series. It may be a tamer, unintended plot right now, but the same creative talent is still powering it. I can’t cry foul after a single episode that seems to bring the quality of storytelling down, especially when motivations of characters like CC and Marianne and key points of the overplot remain unrevealed. I guess I’m just willing to give this crew the benefit of the doubt. I mean, we’re talking about the people who delivered on s1 and did a dang fine job with most of the current season. I’m not giving up on this show or its creative talent just yet.

  8. Totally agree with you, however, this is one of the last episodes (i am assuming the season is coming to an end…..and most likely the show as well), and it is such a pity to make it so…..clumsily. I would be defenetly willing to wait a week or two if they would only make the episode better (wink, wink…Avatar).

  9. well…the episodes in R2 are getting worse and worse…they tie so many different shit into one episode it is confusing and just simply terrible! first season was way better! i’m only watching it now to see what kind of retarded story comes next…

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