Code Geass R2 episode 17—-GWAAAARR Suzaku is bastard!!111oneone

Suzaku is the worstest ever

Lelouch’s life is all about the coming up with a good plan against crappy situations. Suzaku instead is living in crappy situations trying to make good plans. Suzaku stands on this righteous notion that he is making the right choices in life. His whole ‘changing-the-system-within’ is failing miserably and he never owns up to that fact. He sees how close Lelouch comes to victory and still tries to deny that Lelouch can succeed. Lelouch tells Suzaku the truth he wants to hear but Suzaku still has no real plan for dealing with Lelouch. Suzaku’s plan is just bring Lelouch in and hope for the best. Suzaku berates Lelouch for killing people but sees no problem in serving Britannia. Britannia treats the Japanese like shit and Suzaku helps. Suzaku has killed plenty of people and is no more innocent then Lelouch. Lelouch may be doing the right thing for the wrong reason and Suzaku is doing the wrong thing for the right reason. GAHAAAAAH I hate Suzaku.

Lelouch is no longer able to trust anyone at all. The one person who wanted to support him without getting something was killed. Suzaku is somewhat willing to help Lelouch but only if Lelouch does what he says. His help comes with a price. The worst of it is that Suzaku would protect Nunnally in any case but is using Nunnally as a pawn for his game. Lelouch is now only going to retreat into using people by manipulation instead of trust. He manipulates Rolo and Jeremiah and will have no qualms with tossing them aside. What little aspects of Lelouch that desire good and friendship are being murdered? His tears may be the last little bit of humanity seen in Lelouch. He will only wall himself off from people more.

C.C. has a new ring. Conveniently placed on the ring finger is a bandage that alludes to an engagement ring. Way to give her one scene that we can all read into. Does anyone else think it is a horrible idea that Lelouch has Rolo saving Nunnally? The kid killed Shriley out of jealously and why won’t he kill Nunnaly. If Nunnally dies Lelouch is going apeshit insane and is going to destroy everything. Todo is planning for the revolt against Lelouch after liberating Japan, if Lelouch does not do what he wants. The battle sequences are not well choreographed in this episode. It is basicly snips of one person overwhelming the opposing army. A lot more is focusing on the story.

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  1. Re: Rolo, it’s only a horrible idea if they don’t give us something to think otherwise, like maybe in an episode or two, when he should get some focus back.

  2. remember that Rolo liked to Lelouch about the real reason for Shirley’s murder

    Lelouch thinks he did it to protect his identity
    Lelouch does not know that Rolo did it out of jealousy

  3. t:T_I
    I think Lelouch does know that Rolo killed her out of jealously. It was one of the reasons he was trying to blow Rolo up in the next episode. Lelouch also knows that Shirley loved him and wanted what’s best for him. That was the major thing he learned from her death. But as any who reads this can tell you I could be very wrong.

  4. Agreed on Suzaku. I hate that little prick with a passion. He has the gall to moan so loudly about Euphie’s death, yet he supports a system that ensures that thousands of innocents just like her are sent to similar fates and worse. He serves a people that have tortured and murdered millions for profit and personal gain. He has no right to lecture others on morality and the suffering of innocents.

  5. I don’t understand the Suzaku hate. Suzaku’s morality comes from believing what he is doing is right, rather than what he believes is right, and trying to help the world via his actions, while Lelouch wants to change the world by murdering those who oppose him.

  6. #@#%#%#%^  Suzaku. I used to sorta like him, but I’m well over that now. OK, so you’re naive and very holier-then-thou, fine, there’s plenty of people like that, I can take that. But HOW hypocrite can one get?! So because Lelouch is willing to kill soliders, he’s bad, but you killing barely armerd idealistic nationalists means you’re a good? The nazis were only obeying orders too, you know.
    for heaven’s sake, he’s all words, when did he ever had to make a difficult decision, one that isn’t solved by “not my fault, it was my order and I had to do for the greater good”? If he was ordered to shoot an innocent person or be kicked of the army, what would he choose? He’s weak, so  he won’t stick to his morals, thus proving his morals are only good in theory and not something he can truly abide by, the naive simpleton. He takes the easy route, the “I must do it for the peace” route that gives him a free pass for ANYTHING, and then he says LELOUCH is the one using wrong methods, that the results are meaningless if you don’t do it right? Because killing innocent people is all fine and dandy if it’s official?
    He’s just as “the goal justifies the means” as Lelouch, but he draws himself meaningless boundaries so he can tell himself he’s not evil (what, you won’t drug Karen for information? That’s so great and totally balances out killing your fellow japanese who only try to liberate themselves from the oppressive conquer! You’re such a good guy! He really thinks like that, the moron).
    He’s annoying, just the kinda person that you can’t stand in real life too – like those religious nuts that kills homos, ya know?

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