Chihayafuru 2 Episode 23: To See The Beautiful Cherry Blossoms


As if there was any doubt previously, I am definitely cosplaying Arata for Otakon. And now I know exactly what to say and the expression to say it with. This moment marks the birth of arata as a new word. It’s definition? Sexier than sexy. Usage: The word countach isn’t enough to do justice to Kana-chan in a hakama, only arata!

Arata will win. My guess and hope are that they will drag out the victory over the last two nail biting episodes. Perhaps we will learn of a new karuta tactic from the master candidate.

I don’t know if I can do what Chihaya did. In a never before display of maturity, her genuine gesture of friendship is enough to induce tears. Her falling to her knees and sobbing while holding on to Taichi… highly envious. Enough for me to reconsider cosplaying Taichi instead of Arata.

It’s another heartfelt reminder why Chihaya is so adorable (besides her penchant to fall asleep anywhere, anytime). Whereas everyone else merely has feelings, she radiates nothing short of passion.

The greater beauty that unfolds here lies in Taichi’s intentions. Knowing precisely the sacrifice Chihaya is making to cheer him on, he vows to win quickly which hurt him until he motivates himself by his desire to beat the person spectating his match. It’s truly romantic in a comical and tragic way. Exactly my kind of romance.

I am still shipping Chihaya x Arata.


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2 thoughts on “Chihayafuru 2 Episode 23: To See The Beautiful Cherry Blossoms

  1. Chihaya’s “Congratulations, now you become A class.” That was surely a touching moment.

    Yup, Arata is so cool, he doesn’t feel a bit of nervousness or awkwardness, karuta is not something external, but very natural to him, it’s part of his body. That naturalness, maybe being natural is what sexy is about. I wish I could play guitar like that, just like breathing.

    Well, I’m naturally a kimo-ota, and naturally girls don’t find that sexy but creep them out. “Hey, I’m just being myself. Can’t you find me sexy…?”

  2. Not to be preachy but… It’s ‘disciplined’ stability that makes a man/woman. The whole top metaphor is very apt but it doesn’t just ‘naturally’ happen. Even ‘kimo-ota’ have a chance of being sexy as long as there is a degree of learnt stability.

    Well to your credit you have a strikingly healthy, optimistic personality which is rare for a otaku. : b

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