Bamboo Blade 3 – I want to see more of Houko-chan!


So far, the most surprising character has to be Miya-Miya/Miyazaki Miyako, played by Kuwashima Houko-chan. I just can’t help but love the type of character she plays – seemingly sweet, innocent and good natured, but in reality dark, vengeful, scheming, and almost evil. With that fresh ojo-san voice, angelic face, and black heart, how can I not admire her?

We get to see some flashback from the teacher, Kojiro, remembering back the days of burning youth, where he fought his sempai in a kendo match and won.

It’s one of these ties that binds and can’t let go. We are not sure if his sempai just kinda let him win, but that’s the impression that we get anyways.

The misfits from the kendo club go to a kendo store and shop. Then short and fat dude, Dan, started stealing, no, rubbing the store owner of his desert, and the two kind of fight over it. The store owner, someone who’s probably into too many “passionate burning training story for men” (see all these 80’s anime for boys) asks if he can go train these students, and then he sees the goddess of kendo, Tamaki, and promptly gives up.

Sometime earlier this episode, we see that Miyako is pissed about Dan’s injuries received from the older student who beat the crap out of him. So later, she goes back to the store and buys a bokken. What I want to know is – is she a yakuza? Is she actually good at fighting with a bokken but not a shinai? Does she have yoma powers? Can she whip out a claymore and cut that dude in half…Oh wait. that’s a different show with the same seiyuu… Ahem.

Nothing really interesting happens here, except for Miyako’s darkness rising. The teacher assigns everyone to a sentai team color, but Miyako in reality really shouldn’t be pink.

Gosh, I really want to see her character surprising people and kick some major asses.

65% recommended for your daily anime diet. Again, because I’ve seen so many shows, this one just seems very mediocre and not even all that funny.

Author: Ray

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4 thoughts on “Bamboo Blade 3 – I want to see more of Houko-chan!

  1. Don’t judge MiyaMiya too quickly 😉 … she’s definitely multifaceted, but not inherently “evil”. You’ll see.

  2. Oops, I guess “evil” wasn’t the right term there, it’s more like secretly loves to get “mid-evil up someone’s ass”. Houko-chan can just play these double faced characters so well. I want to see Miya-Miya go out and kick some serious sempai-ass so bad…Miya-Miya FTW. XD

  3. I’m totally waiting for her to start reading opponent energy flow and Flash Sword-ing with a shinai. Sure it’s the wrong series but you have to admit that’d be pretty cool…

  4. xiphiasx10a – yes, it would be. She’d score all 8 kendo target points under a microsecond.

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