“Art and Soul 5″–Hayate no Gotoku 21 – Lead Me Home


By “Mike Huang”

Issue Omega: Losing one’s way in life, or in Anime!

As we take on the journey called life, once a while, we find ourselves lost in the woods, sidetracked by little things on the road; taken off the path against our will; ran off the road by something or someone, and affected by plethora of other things that we do not wish for. However, such is life, and we all get lost sometimes.

In today’s episode, Tama Tama is once again distracted by small things that happen in life – his perception of losing love and that special caring from Nagi, who promises to always protect him. Having Hayate and the newcomer Shiranui, the chibi-neko-service small but smart cat with a sense of purity and innocence taking up affection from Nagi, becomes a great irritation to him. As a contrast, Because Tama Tama has enjoyed all the attention and is used to love and caring, showered by the women but specially his young master Nagi. He loses his innocence and begins to expect gifts to fall into his lap; that things should go his way.

As he is distracted, he forgets that Nagi still has love for him. She cares for him and would cry terribly if he were lost forever.

He gets lost and begins his journey home with the surprising aid of his family members – Hayate and Shiranui, whom he feels are against him – and together, they head home.

But the most heartfelt moment of this episode was this: Despite all his attempts, none of Tama’s “2ch” buddies cares to help him and much of it because he has often acts with snottiness and perhaps a sense of sarcasm on top of cynicism toward others and that’s what he gets in return. But in the midst of all the mockeries, cynical replies and sidetracked discussions, a small and gentle voices offers him a hint. Yes, a strong hint but still merely a hint – not a full-on aid because in the show, Tama doesn’t know the true idenity of this online buddy and this online buddy doesn’t know his true identity.

But somehow, as we find out later, the online buddy who offers the crucial hint, is none other than Nagi herself. She even says online, after Tama turns off the chat window: “Take care getting home!”

Was it smooth ride from there? Hardly. Shiranui gets distracted and is almost killed by a truck. In his attempt to save the chibi-neko-service small cat, Tama thinks that he is doomed but Hayate, his supposed rival for Nagi’s affection, saves him and Shiranui.

I will speak boldly and suggest perhaps that is how God works. He doesn’t necessarily pull us out of the raging waters; he doesn’t shoot lighting bolts and slaughter our enemies; and yes, as much and as painful as we have to admit, he doesn’t really answer our prayers the way we want, even if we beg him all night on our knees for that impossible miracle, just for that one miracle. But for some reason, somehow, in some unexplained ways, he will help us from behind the scenes, and lead us home one day, with additional help sent.

Although, it is a shame that a lot of people, Christians or not, will never realize his work until much later or until it’s too late. Our friends, family, co-workers, even a stranger who seemingly hindered us from something, may just turn out to be the giver of exactly what we need. Of course, I don’t know what it is. But as a Christian, at least for now, I can feel rest assured that God is working, and he is keeping his promise.

Just as Nagi says: “I will protect you.” And just as the announced says: “Today, Nagi also kept her promise.”

This Christian moment is brought to you byMichael Huang, because seminarians will always find an excuse to preach!

[spoiler]…YEAH! Sure, like Mike actually wrote this! If you honestly thought this was his article, dude you have to check things more closely! If you weren’t tricked at all, then congratulations, you can go on the next level!!!  But honestly, I was strangly moved by some reason, even though it was kind of cheesy. [/spoiler]

Author: Ray

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  1. I thought Mike actually wrote this and thought you had just posted it under your name for some strange reason! I miss these “Art and Soul” segments Mike used to do. Why did you get my hopes up like that Ray!!! XD lol!

    I still think the second season of Hayate is still one of the best shows out there right now. I need to write about this show more on my own site.

  2. There will be an Art and Soul segment coming out this week. A real one, ahem. After the podcast comes out, of course. So get your hopes up again Benu. 🙂

  3. @ Benu – Gha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha even you fell for it!
    @ Mike – I did channel you and I only wished more people fell for it! Get the podcast and audio column out now!

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