Akane iro ni Somaru Saka 10 – PICK AYA-IMOUTO you bastard!

Right, right, so yeah the plot gets moving a little too suddenly, I mean previous episode it’s Jun’s birthday and Yuuki seems to be OK, and then this episode she confesses, and poor Minato just tries to get them together, but…

She’s sad and her strong exterior crumbles.

The observer really is reporting stupid stuff and the point is what (I’m sure those of you played the game knew)?

His dad’s adventures are just some sort of parallel to his situation? His feelings? What the hell is the point of the action here?

Are Jun and Minato reall brother and sister (I think not) or not?

Is Yuuhi going to stumble upon Minato kissing Jun?

How do you like Rierie VS Kugimi Rie?

Find out in the “exacting” next episode…!

(filler post no.2)

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