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3-in-1 entry – Candy Boy 06, Rideback09, Sora Kake 10

Candy Boy 06

Let’s start with Candy Boy 06 (taking a deep breath)…

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please stay together for the rest of your lives! It’s anime catered to male otaku who want to see beautiful girls together! it’s fantasy, so please don’t drift apart! Just go to the same college together or something! Forget the preparation/matriculation shit! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Ray actually cried when he saw the ED sequence). It’s so wroooong! It’s so saaaad! Stay! Stay! Stay with each other! There’s nothing more beautiful then gorgeous twin sisters staying in love forever! Quote Nabatame Hitomi (Seiyuu for Kanade): “Men aren’t needed!!!!!”

In any case, they’re facing another trial which may break them apart. The ED eye catcher is seriously disturbing for GL fans such as myself. Ganbatte! You can hold this “healthy” relationship forever! Until you’re both 89, wrinkly and shrinking!

Wow, now that’s disturbing.

Waiting to see a nice doujin where Kana–chan, Yuki-chan, Shi-chan and Sakuya-chan (with the largest breasts) making sweet love together…It is beautiful only when women are together in love! XD

Rideback 09

Are you reluctant even after tasting the thrill and RELEASE (heh heh heh heh heh) of power by riding on the bike? Yes, we are! Hell, shit, if the heroine isn’t reluctant to get into the midst of all, we won’t have a classic adventure story now would we? Yes, I have the force and yes, I’m Newtype/bonded with the Zero system/Coordinator, but no, I’m a ballad girl (I just put that in) and I don’t want to get into conflicts and fight. Hell, who gives a shit about the eventual GGP marshal law (I think it will happen)?

In any case, Rin is saved but she’s determined about it. GGP is closing off everything and it’s only a matter of time before some sort of Elevens going for some sort of rebellion. Stay tuned!

Sora Kake 10

Don't make me insert this one!
Rejoice BL fangirls! He DOES feel good up the ass!

Can you have BL with a colony’s mainframe computer? YES YOU CAN! Just push that shaft into the chamber!

Leo screams in pain!

Now we have a box-girl that talks but most of the time communicates on screen!

And let’s not forget, colorful characters! Girls in pajamas! Fighting against an evil machine! Short-bottomed kimonos!

Seriously, it’s actually a great deal of fun without too much thinking but not bunch of crappy service and brainless actions either. I do think it’s nicely balanced. It’s a fun series with great balance, but I like because I don’t have to transform into Mike or Moritheil and be all sophisticated about it.  Yes, didn’t you know they drink tea and discuss Shakespeare and say ‘dear oh dear’ all the time? Damn, that’s such a plus! XD

Please people, for simple anime fun without HIGH BROW ARTISTIC MUMBLE JUMBO, watch those (well, for serious issues you’ll like Rideback).

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