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Anime Diet Radio Episode 42 – The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything



I just had to make a reference to Douglas Adams here somewhere when it came to this episode…our 42nd as Anime Diet Radio! And because it’s so special, it’s also extra long, at over an hour and with a 7 minute extra reel to go along with it. In this episode, we talk about one serious news item–the breakup of ADV–and two more about the wackiness of Japan’s first lady and what just might be lurking in that closet of yours. You never know who might be hiding in there, an angel or a homeless middle-aged woman….

Our roundtable is special, because the topic was suggested one of our listeners! “dork at large” deserves credit for giving us the idea to talk about the “5 animes you must see before you die.” We’d also like to get your input, dear listeners, as to what you think everyone ought to watch before they die. Send us your comments!

We’d also like to take the time to inform our podcast audience that Anime Diet is indeed hiring new writers! If you are interested, send two sample articles to, and we will consider your application. We’re looking for writers who can update regularly and who can write well, so send us your best!

Finally–a special shout-out to our listener Aaya, who sent us some adorable fanart inspired by our ramblings. You saw at at the beginning of this article, and you can download that pic and close-ups of it here []. Thanks so much! We love it. (Any resemblances or non-resemblances to the hosts’ real-life personae are purely or not purely coincidental.)

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