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Anime Diet Radio Episode 29 – Auld Lang Syne


Update, 4:08 PM EST: The chapter marker timing problem in the AAC/iTunes version is now fixed. Redownload it if you got one of the early, incorrect versions. Also, apologies for the popping and blowing noises on my end of the audio–that’s what happens when you only have a cheap desktop mic with no pop filter! (Cue double entendres in 5, 4, 3….)

This is our final show for 2008! We talk about the troubles with Sakai’s library regarding BL manga, Keanu Reeves’ desire to play Spike in the Cowboy Bebop live action movie, and talk about the best and worst anime of 2008 in our Roundtable.

The episode begins with a little help for our friends at Anime Genesis, with whom we had a panel at AX 2008, and Dancing Queen at They’re having a panel at this week’s Anime LA convention, January 3rd. Go check them out! (And stay tuned for details about our own panel coming at 2009’s AX…)

Well folks–that’s it for 2008. Happy New Year, everyone!

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