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Anime Diet Radio Episode 1 – Spring 2007 Extravaganza!


And here it is…the podcast once known as Scattered Cels Anime Podcast, resurrected as Anime Diet Radio! In this episode, Ray and I go through a whole bunch of shows that are new this season–some we’ve seen, some we haven’t. We talk about El Cazador de la Bruja, Gurrren-Lagann, Claymore, Romeo x Juliet, Darker than Black, Seirei no Moribito, Kotetsu Sangokushi, Gigantic Formula, Nagasarete Airantou, and finally Hayate no Gotoku!

In our wide ranging conversation, too, there were some lengthy digressions which weren’t, strictly speaking, about stuff coming out this season. But they were so funny and informative, I thought they were worth preserving anyway! So two extra files along with the main podcast are being released: Extra 1 is a 10 minute discussion of Madlax combined with some comparisons and thoughts on the new Tarantino/Rodriguez movies, Grindhouse. Extra 2 is mostly Ray riffing on The Big O in the context of our discussion of Darker than Black. They’re both tons of fun and we hope you enjoy them as well! (For those who are getting this through iTunes: the two extra files are available on the main website, at You can listen/download from there.)

Anyways, the Anime Diet Radio ship has sailed. Enjoy!

Show Notes

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