Uninstall! Uninstall! A ringtone (from Bokurano) for our tech support!


It’s time to uninstall!

Use this ring tone as your theme song when doing an uninstall! Let’s support our tech support!

Edit from Mike: so anyone out there actually see Chiaki Ishikawa (who sang this song) at AX? I had to miss the concert. How did it go?

Author: Ray

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3 thoughts on “Uninstall! Uninstall! A ringtone (from Bokurano) for our tech support!

  1. When I first heard this in Oricon rankings.. I thought she said “I am strong” haha.

  2. Well, it’s rather difficult to understand what she sings, but it’s a great ring tone to annoy people with!

  3. Chiaki Ishikawa’s concert was great, my favorite of the 3 that i went to (the others being SOS and Anna Tsuchiya). And I absolutely fell in love with Uninstall when i heard it. If i recall correctly, she sang her Gundam Seed, Simoun, and .hack//sign songs as well. It was awesome when she came back for an encore and sang Obsession.

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