Pam Covers Yubiwa-Escaflowne movie

Pam Moss, one of the lead singers of Makenai Band, covered the song. Just in case of you guys haven’t heard of this. I really liked the sincerity in her voice and how wonderful it sounded over all. Just my humble two cents. Give it a try if you want.

Download MP3 below. Feedbacks are welcome.


8 thoughts on “Pam Covers Yubiwa-Escaflowne movie

  1. Mike!! Thank you so much! *blushes
    I’m super glad you liked this!! I recorded it a long time ago. Yubiwa is one of my favorite songs of all times!

  2. Thank you for giving me a hign level Anime Discussion always.
    I’m sorry for a lack Speaking English
    experience of me. I’ve been tried
    to translation these sentences in my native language(Japanese). It’ll take a long time`
    ㅜ ㅜ` But,I hope to talk with everyone here.

    1. @tukasakagami – hey, I’m not sure what you’re referring to, but please, don’t worry about it, OK? We’re not asking anything of you. We want you to feel comfortable and we’ll talk to you in your way as much as we’re capable. LaMoe is Japanese, so no worries, right? ^^ Please relax and just enjoy what we (you and us) have as a group here.
      Take good care of yourself and thank you for commenting!

  3. Wow, what a beautiful vocal! Amazing. Escaflowne was my favorite show. So, it is really great! Sincerity yes, and serenity! Almost forgot she wasn’t Japanese. Back in the days people didn’t realize Elvis was white. So, if I didn’t know Pam, I would have thought she was Japanese.

  4. Well, I was as surprised and blown away as everyone, that was the reason why I posted it. Please, continue to support the band!

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