Contest #1: We Have a Winner!

Well, our first ever contest–create your own School Days-inspired “demotivational” poster–has ended. Thanks to all of you who submitted entries. After looking them over, we’ve decided on a winner: Owen of Cruel Angel Theses, come on down! Here is his winning entry, and it’s (as another blogger on this site would say) siiiiick:

Owen’s winning entry.

Is it bloody and sadistic? Yes. Did it make me squirm uncomfortably and wonder about the morality of the person who made it up as much as it made me laugh and question my own morality for enjoying it? Yes. Just like the show’s final episode did: it fits the spirit of School Days perfectly. All while poking fun and pointing out its very sadism…this puts things in perspective to say the least!

Congratulations and thanks Owen! You will be receiving your prize soon. Stay tuned for another contest coming soon!

4 thoughts on “Contest #1: We Have a Winner!

  1. Wow, thanks a lot, Mike. It was a 10 minute job so I can’t take any credit for putting a lot of effort into that one — but I’m deeply honoured since it’s a first that I’m winning anything. Couldn’t you post up the other entries that were sent in, too? I’m sure those who’ve been following this are curious what the rest were like, and so am I.

    Oh, and yes, I did reference a song title there.

  2. Congrat’s Owen! And seriously using the same catch as Panic! At the Disco was rather smart :P!
    Hehe I like this *saves to hard drive*.

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