Zom 100: Delays of the Dead

Episode Delays are piling up for Zom 100.

Introduction: The Promising Yet Unstable Journey of ‘Zom 100’

The anime world knows the sting of delays all too well. ‘Zom 100’ serves as a prime example, showing how these interruptions can derail an otherwise promising series. Adapted from a popular manga by Haro Aso and Kotaro Takata, the anime had everything going for it: a unique story, excellent animation, and a deeply relatable narrative. But frequent delays, capped off by the latest with Episode 9, have left fans puzzled and upset.

A Pattern Emerges: The History of Delays in ‘Zom 100’

The anime kicked off on July 9, 2023, and didn’t waste time running into delays. Episodes 4 through 9 felt the impact the most. After the first four episodes, a “special episode” replaced the fifth, conspicuously missing from Crunchyroll. Cited as “production reasons,” these delays became the norm. Now, Episode 9 adds itself to the growing list of late releases, causing more fan frustration.

The Ripple Effect: Delays Impact on the Industry

External factors, like the 2023 World Athletics Championship, have worsened the erratic schedule. These delays don’t just disappoint fans; they could hurt the anime’s chances in the market. A hit-and-miss release calendar risks losing steady viewership, a critical factor for commercial success.

Fan Reaction and Speculation

Twitter has buzzed with theories and frustrations about the delays. Some fans take a positive angle, viewing these breaks as well-deserved rest periods for the animators. Others aren’t so forgiving, fearing that the uneven release schedule could scare off new fans. A Crunchyroll France tweet confirmed the worst, stating, “Indefinite hiatus until episodes 10-12 are released in Japan and on streaming. We will keep you informed. Meanwhile, episode 9 is now available.” This news fuels further questions about Zom 100’s future prospects.

Final Thoughts: The Uncertain Road Ahead

In a season already dominated by returning anime juggernauts, ‘Zom 100’ had a unique opportunity to stand out. But with Episode 9’s delay adding to its challenges, it becomes increasingly uncertain if the series can regain its momentum and capture the fan base it needs to thrive. Nonetheless, the high-quality animation and compelling storytelling, supported by a committed core fan base, may yet prevent ‘Zom 100’ from becoming a shambling corpse of itself.

Author: Jeremy

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