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Was “Pokémon Omega Ruby” & “Alpha Sapphire” Announced Too Soon?

On Monday morning, Nintendo shocked the web by announcing the all new Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire game, scheduled to release worldwide for the 2DS & 3DS in November.

The result? Social media explosion. News outlets were on it, Twitter couldn’t get enough of it, the Pokémon Facebook fanpage acquired over 19,000 “shares,” and the teaser received over 1 millions views.

What’s surprising is the number of fans who are actually surprised by the news. Since 2009, Nintendo has released new Pokémon games annually in NA.

In a way, it should have been expected. Though, I must admit, with the serious hype that revolved around Pokémon X & Y — as if it were the Attack on Titan of video games — I wasn’t expecting a new game of the franchise to be announced this soon.

Commentary & Discussion

But is it a smart move, and is it enough time? To this day, people frantically speak highly of X & Y. It would be a shame for a game with such hype throughout 2013 to be easily unacknowledged after the new announcement of the Omega/Alpha.

Some may argue that Pokémon games would be better if more time and preparation was put into it; while others may say that the Pokémon universe is huge and needs to be constantly upgraded year after year. But what are your thoughts on the manner? Let us know!

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