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Uh, now we have Otaku robbers

From ANN

Manga Cafe Resident Arrested for Attempted Robbery

On Tuesday, a young man was arrested by police in the Asakusa area of Tokyo for the attempted robbery of one of the manga cafes where he occasionally stayed…

…Makoto Kawai, allegedly entered the cafe after midnight and, threatening the counter clerk with a razor cutter, demanded 1 million yen. The police were called, and the suspect was arrested at the scene…

Ray’s take: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! An Otaku robber! How absurd! I was expecting the person cosplay as Fay Valentine or something (hey, cross dressing make it harder to identify, riiiight???) and demand the money with a fake gun. Or use a “sakabato” against the clerk, and the a policeman dressed as “Saito Hajime” will simply drill him using the Gatotsu while saying “Aku Soku Zan” or something. XD This guy is just too fucking stupid.

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