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The disgruntled cousin of China deals with Death Note.

From ANN

Taiwanese County Warns of Death Note, Others Defend It 

The educational bureau of Pingtung County in southern Taiwan is asking teachers to watch for “negative influences” of the Death Note suspense manga and other extracurricular books on students and to “provide guidance to avoid unnecessary consequences.”

Death Note’s Taiwanese publisher Tongli Publishing and comics commentator Jo-Jo said that the manga is educational in its discussion of values of good and bad, as well as of life and death.

Ray’s take: Well, at least the people here are allowed some say in the passing of information. But It’s a illogical country to live in with way too many unwritten rules and a dishonest government with a money laundering president at the top. I haven’t seen any Death Note Standalone Complex crimes yet but it’s only a matter of time….Now, where’s my note?

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