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Thanks to you, Japanese otaku, Konata’s creators can eat it right too!

Japanese DVD sales of Lucky Star have been excellent by anime DVD standards, with volume 1 selling 60,000 copies, and the second volume expected to sell similarly (40,000-60,000), with an expectation of selling 700 million yen at the end of it all. (Source: Anime News Service)

Mike’s Take: long ago, I wrote an admittedly unfair editorial slamming Lucky Star for being not as funny as Azumanga Daioh based on the first few episodes. Having seen a bunch more episodes since, my own resistance to the show is weakening–the Lucky Channel parts are actually still fresh!–but I think the comparison still holds true. It’s just a different brand of humor that I like, I guess.

But in either case, with those sales figures–keep in mind, they are for Japanese DVDs at Japanese prices. American anime companies are often lucky to get those kind of sales figures, and that’s with full sub and dubs and extras and more episodes per disc. You Japanese otaku sure must love your Konata!

This article was also an excuse to post the alternate banner logo I created, which was considered before we decided to go with the other one. Enjoy!

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