Secret Police broke up an Otaku riot and arrested the leaders of the “Anime For the Masses” movement…

Yeah, like hell they did. Here’s the real news.

From Anime News Service

Police Shut Down Odex Protest / Fans Holding Anime Figurines 

Reuters reports: A handful of fans of Japanese anime had turned up at a Singapore public park on August 25 with armfuls of the toys to protest against a clampdown on Internet downloading of anime material by Singapore animation distributor Odex.

The incident was not reported in the local press.

“The police didn’t stop us from what we wanted to do. But their being there was enough to intimidate,” the event’s organiser — who only wanted to be known by his online moniker Zer0 — told Reuters by telephone. He added that police — who had four anti-riot vans at the scene — also took down the anime fans’ particulars and that they were filmed by plainclothes policemen.

Public protests are rare in Singapore, where outdoor demonstrations are banned and any public gathering of more than four people requires a permit.

Ray’s take: Watch out for the “Special Anime Preservation Agency” when you read this entry if you’re an anime lover in Singapore. You may be the next person who gets thrown into special concentration camps for Otaku…Prepare to get marked with a pair of neko mimi on your left arm, and some exotic tortures with paper fans and bamboo sticks involving your behind.

Singaporeans are awesome law abiding folks, but I’m scare to travel there because I may accidentally cough and lose a drop of spit onto the ground, and I may be thrown into dungeons by the authorities with god knows whatever the hell’s in there… What, I’m only kidding!

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Author: Ray

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5 thoughts on “Secret Police broke up an Otaku riot and arrested the leaders of the “Anime For the Masses” movement…

  1. Once there was this guy who…
    Took a trip to Singapore and brought along his spray paint
    And when…
    He finally came back..
    He had cane marks all over his bottom

  2. Hinano – now that asshole deserved what he had coming. Nobody is allowed just go around and break the rules of other countries and thinking it’s fun. He really embarrassed all Americans with that stunt. He deserved what he had coming.
    Nice Weird Al reference, btw. XD

  3. hi im from Singapore. im glad we’ve made news.. lol. but anyw it isn’t a crime since they were just like putting stuff there. of course i think the “company” must have been warned or they could have blog-hopped and found out from our fellow animebloggers. -.- so i think they made a real fuss over it by calling 4 anti-riot vans is a really laughing matter.

    i mean this is a waste of human resources! shouldn’t they channel this energy and attempt to catch thieves/criminals still at large? i mean .. hello.. my house was broken into. we still have no idea who commits them. My neighbour does stupid things, and threaten to hurt my mother. Police were called in, yet all they did was take statement and nothing was hurt ever again -.-

    we should put our resources to use! lol. dont wry. i will be lying low so i cant go into the camps xD

  4. zenical – maybe the police was afraid of you guys turning into Super Singaporean 3, or one of the ladies there use a righteous gigaslave on Odex’s ass (and ends the world in the process). Oh I know, you were riding in the Eva, weren’t ya? Even a whole tank battalion counldn’t deal with that! I guess we really can’t blame them, eh? XD

    Damn, I thought there are a lot less crimes in Singapore. Get your cyber paper fans ready just in case…

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