How could I have missed this one? I’m in despair!!!!!!

From ANN

Sayonara Zetsubō Sensei’s 2nd Season in 2008 Confirmed

Issue 45 (on sale September 9) of Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine has confirmed that the television anime adaptation of Kōji Kumeta’s Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei manga will have a second season in Japan.


Ray’s take: I’m in despair (please picture me dressed in traditional Japanese clothing…Wait, you don’t know what I look like, OK, please picture Mike in traditional Japanese clothing)! Commercialism is the only reason that the second season of Zetsubo Sensei will come out! It’s only because the show is so siiiiiiiiiiiick that people want more of it! People are siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick! I’m in even more despair because it won’t come out until next year and I can’t see the blond girl’s strawberry panties until that time! Zetsuboshita! Let me hang myself with that rope!

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  1. Damn, why is it that all these crappy titles receive all the sequels ? How much longer will this ugly trend continue ??

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