How about one of these ladies for your dream harem lead?

From ANN

Fighting Spirit Creator Designs Women’s Boxing Poster 

George Morikawa, the creator of the popular boxing manga Hajime no Ippo (also known as Fighting Spirit), has created a promotional flyer and the artwork for the upcoming Raika Women’s Boxing World Championship taking place in Tokyo on November 10.

In a statement released earlier this week, Morikawa expressed how happy he was that the boxers came to him. “I heard that many of the Raika Boxers started competing after reading Hajime no Ippo…

Ray’s take: Well, you know, there are karate students, judo students, kendo girls, and I think even female wrestlers for dating sim novels, so why not get yourself a female boxer? Hell, she can probably knock out that punk ass bitch for ya…And then she and her friend will%^$&^*%$%^$*@#!%^….

On second thought, I’m sorry, I’m not touching that with a 50-foot pole or a large razor blade.  Go Raika fighters!

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