Gunslinger Girl Season 2.

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Gunslinger Girl’s Second Season Officially Announced
The October issue (on sale August 21) of Monthly Comic Dengeki Daioh has officially announced that a second season of the Gunslinger Girl anime series will be produced. The Japanese magazine runs Yu Aida’s original manga about cybernetically enhanced girl assassins that inspired the anime. The production company Marvelous Entertainment had revealed that a sequel was in the works in its 2006-2007 financial report on May 30, but the company then edited the report to remove the Gunslinger Girl reference in early June. Source: Ultimatum

3 thoughts on “Gunslinger Girl Season 2.

  1. Thank god, it was only a matter of time.
    Shame I’m in the US, so it’s gonna be about three years till I can see it some way.

    Currently, I have a torrent with the origonal voices and english subtitles. On a side note, does the DVD have the option to use the origonal japanese voices with subs? I can’t stand the english dubs.

  2. Yes, they do have the original Japanese with subtitled option. Very few US DVDs are dub-only, actually–the only one I can think of are the Pokemon ones and, bizarrely, the original Mobile Suit Gundam.

  3. how can you not stand the voice acting in the first season? i watched all of it in both English and Japanese and felt the intensity from start to finish in either language

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