A “TVA” special to celebrate 20 years of Ah! My Goddess this winter.

(Editor’s note: Translated from Chinese site with the link shown at the bottom. )

Ah! My Goddess will be celebrating its 20th birthday in this winter. With Fujishima Kosuke as the author, it begin its legacy (Editor’s note: to me it sure is legendary) on November, 1988, and there has been 35 volumes of its graphic novel through June 22nd, 2007. It was announced at the “TBS Anime Festival 2007” that to celebrate its 20th year run, a “TVA” special will be played on TBS this winter. The name of the special is “Ah! My Goddess, the Wings of Battle”. The director will be Gouda Hiroaki, and the animation studio will be AIC. There will be 2 episodes for this special.


Ray’s Take: Ooh HOO! More mediocrity that somehow makes a long term run and has even won over the heart of the Demon King of Cynicism – ME! I recommend the manga over any of its animated versions for more in depth character look for all the characters.

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