Yoshida Brothers Concert Set List

Second day of Otakon.. and my updates will be slightly off, since I won’t be able to process any of my reporting until after my the con, or when I get a steady internet connection, that I don’t need to pay $13 a night for. I was able to attend the Yoshida Brother’s Concert yesterday, and this is their set list. The reason why I think about this, is the fact that Moritheil last year did it with Kanon Wakeshima concert. I will post a more indepth feelings update maybe later, when I have that huge down time in the afternoon.

Set List

  1. Kodo Intro
  2. Aiya (w/Ippiki)
  3. Ibuki (w/Ippiki)
    MC 1
  4. Panorama
  5. Time of Sand
    MC 2
  6. End of the World (Kenichi)
    (Ippiki Solo)
  7. Saiun (Ryoichiro w/ Ippiki)
    MC 3
  8. Blooming
  9. Overland Blues
  10. Oboro-Zukiyo
    MC 4
  11. Tsugaru Jongara-Bushi
    Encore: Kodo

Japanese set list of Yoshida Brothers Concert

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