Wondercon 2009 Video Diary – Saturday

EDIT: as per your requests, I’ve removed the music anytime anyone is talking. I relistened to it and I agree that it was distracting.

Wondercon, Comic Con’s sister convention, is one I never quite expected to go to since it’s not really about anime/manga. However, I was invited as press, and it gave me an excuse to go to San Francisco and use my frequent flyer miles. Though I expected to only “half cover” it, I still managed to snag as much footage as I normally take for a video diary at any of our full-press coverage conventions!

Specifics: I cover the Otaku USA magazine panel, fairly extensively too: they talk about yaoi, yuri, and the future of anime and manga in America. There’s the usual fan interviews of course, and also Masquerade coverage, though in many ways it’s different from Masquerades at anime cons (not nearly as much focus on skits, and short).

Enjoy the video! The next time you see one will probably be at AX 2009.

6 thoughts on “Wondercon 2009 Video Diary – Saturday

  1. Two things:

    1. I can’t hear what they’re saying over this terrible music! Get rid of that!

    2. This panel is silly. Everybody knows that GIRLS CAN’T WRITE ABOUT VIDEOGAMES, HAW HAW HAW HAW

    PS: Heidi failed her New Year’s Resolution, I can see it in her eyes

  2. Thanks for the footage… I agree, can you re-post without the music? It’s hella distracting 🙂

    Otherwise, great video!

  3. I’ve fixed the audio by removing music anytime anyone is talking.

    rayyhum777: maybe that’s why he was late to Souffle that very evening–he was busy talking to me in Vegas. 🙂

    Daryl Surat: glad to see that you could see your friends in video.

    Ryan: thanks.

  4. I review anime for Otaku USA!  Somehow the anime reviewers live on the East Coast and don’t go to Wondercon.

  5. hey, i was wondering if you have the raw clip of the group that did the hare hare yukai-beginning skit? that was our group and we’re looking around to see if there’s any records of our skit or any way to access the pictures, etc. etc. thank you!

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