More Haruhi Event Pics, Video + A Few Last Words

You’ve probably seen my report, but we also said that we wanted to offer some pics and footage from others at the Anime Galaxy Haruhi event–and lo and behold, we got some! Thanks to Minh Phan for the photos in the gallery above (his original Flickr gallery is here).

The experience was surprisingly brief, but intense. Anime Galaxy is a relatively enclosed space compared to a convention hall, and the number of fans gathered on a smaller scale–though by the near-end of the event it had gotten quite full. The TV crew took up quite a bit of room for one, and there was a coterie of sign-wielders with such fan-friendly slogans as YUKI IS A SLUT and ENDLESS EIGHT SHOULD BE ENDLESS. (You can see them in the middle of my live report, when I interview them.)

Our first experiment with live streaming reporting was a great learning experience. I found that the most difficult thing about it, aside from the various sound problems and the shakiness of the video (exacerbated by the staggered quality of the stream), was the dead time–the filling in of space when there were no interviews, nothing much going on. In our usual video diaries, those would of course be edited out, but there is no editing in a live stream–I had to figure out sometimes things to say in between or simply let it run. It’s a style of reporting that I still need to become accustomed to.

Still, I’m glad we were able to get much of the event down on record of some sort, and give a glimpse of what is possible with a humble iPhone and an Internet connection. This was a worthy first try. If you want some clearer video, Kuronekopi also took some footage of a couple of interviews–including one with the “Man-Haruhi” dressed in the bunny girl outfit. He also caught the interview with the two lovely Mikuru and Haruhi concert cosplayers that happened after I shut off my video. See if you can catch me in the background of the Man-Haruhi interview video!

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