Maon Kurosaki Interview – AX 2011 Press Junket

At long last, the first of our numerous junket interviews with Japanese Guests of Honor! Up first is Maon Kurosaki, the Akiba idol and singer of the ending themes for High School of the Dead.

We ask her, among other things, what kind of man she would date, her feelings about “High School of the Dead,” what animes she likes, and what surprising facts people might not know about her.

Check out LaMoe’s review of the concert, as well as a thick excerpt from the show itself. Below is a full transcript of this interview as well.

Interview Transcript

Q: Is there anything you’re looking forward to seeing while you’re here?

Yesterday they took me out, and I love shopping. I’m looking forward to the shopping center.

Q: How long have you been pursuing a career in music?

I’ve been singing by myself for a long time. As for singing in public, I’ve been doing for almost 5 years.

Q: Do you have any idols you look up to?

In Japan, there’s a famous anisong singer named Kuribayashi Minami. She inspired me greatly to sing anime songs For non-Japanese artists, I love Christina Aguilera, and more recently, the Pretty Reckless, and Evanescence.

Q: Before signing with Geneon, you were often performing at Dear Stage in Akihabara. Can you describe your experience performing there and how you got discovered?

At Akiba’s Dear Stage, the 2nd floor is restaurant, a live concert stage on the 1st floor, and the 3rd floor is bar. That’s the structure. I was working as a waitress, and then when the live show started, I downstairs to perform. I was singing three times a day. I loved anime songs from that time, and I covered a lot of anisons artists, and I had fun singing and dancing with customers. I spent my time at Dear Stage every day. While doing that, my current producer, the president of my label, and a Geneon producer were interested in Dear Stage, and I happened to be singing there. They saw my potential, so I got to make my debut.

Q: Do you have any other hobbies besides music?

Besides singing, I love watching anime, playing video games, and shopping, buying clothes, and I love nail art, and hair styling. I like eating out too.

Q: How long does it take to do your nails?

It takes like an hour.

Q: What animes do you really like?

I love Key anime. Do you know? Like Clannad, Air, Kanon, Angel Beats. And of course, High School Of The Dead, and Toaru Majutsu No Index, the ones I sing for.

Q: I also saw a bunch of pictures on your blog from Ren’ai Banchou, a PSP game. Are you a fan of this, and other otome games?

I love Ren’ai Banchou so much.

Q: What do you like about them?

I enjoy the situations that can never happen in real life, that I can have a romance with imaginary characters. And they teach me a lot of things. They talk to me personally. When I date or do anything in 2-D, they stimulate me, give essence to my daily life.

Q: What kind of guys do you like in the 3-D world?

Oh, an otaku, of course! It’d be very hard if he didn’t get your interests.

Q: I also saw on your blog a cute little white dog. Is this your dog? Can you tell us about him or her?

Probably. Probably, because I have four dogs. I guess it was one of them. All of them are female.

Q: Why all girls?

I don’t know why.

Q: What are their names?

Their names are Azuki, Ichigo, Coco, Puchi.

Q: What were you thinking when you named them?

My big sister named Ichigo and Azuki. But I liked the sound of Coco and Puchi. They sound cute.

Q: I have a question about the ending songs for High School of the Dead. You have 13 songs for 13 different episodes. This is very unique. Did you write any of the songs with the story in mind?

I didn’t write the songs; several composers did. But of course they composed and wrote after reading the original manga and the anime’s scenario, and I in turn also listened to their music, watched the anime and read the scenario and I used that as an image inside me, and I sang the songs as if I were inside the anime itself.

Q: Is there anything that you could tell us that a lot of people probably don’t know about you?

They were surprised that I loved anime and games. Based on my appearance, they couldn’t imagine it. They were surprised.

Even though I sing for High School Of The Dead, I actually can’t watch horror films. I can’t go to the bathroom by myself if I watch them! Isn’t that surprising?

I’m sure there are plenty of guys who would be willing to protect you.

I’m glad.

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