Momoiro Clover Z at AX 2015: A Glimpse into J-Pop’s Heart

We had the privilege of interviewing Japan’s biggest idol group currently, Momoiro Clover Z!

What kind of pets do they have? Which one of them has an “infinite sneezing technique”? And what anime crushes do they have? Find out in this video interview!


In July 2015, the vibrant world of Japanese pop music was prominently showcased at Anime Expo in Los Angeles, where Momoiro Clover Z, a renowned J-Pop group, captivated audiences with their dynamic presence and insightful dialogue. This event marked a significant moment, highlighting the group’s international appeal and their contributions to the global music scene.

Unveiling the Charm of Momoiro Clover Z

The interview with Momoiro Clover Z at Anime Expo delved deep into their artistic journey, exploring the milestones that have defined their career. From performing at the National Olympic Stadium to opening for international acts and collaborating with iconic artists, the group shared their experiences, inspirations, and the challenges they’ve faced along the way.

The Artistic Journey and Future Aspirations

Beyond their achievements, the members of Momoclo revealed the creative process behind their electrifying performances and their unwavering commitment to live vocals, emphasizing the authenticity of their art. The discussion also touched upon their personal aspirations and the enduring bond they share with their fans, which has been instrumental in their success.

The interview concluded on a note of gratitude and anticipation, with Momoiro Clover Z expressing their eagerness to explore new horizons and continue their legacy in the music industry.


Author: Jeremy

Jeremy was first introduced to anime with heavily edited versions of Mazinger Z (aka Tranzor Z in the US), GoLion (aka Voltron) and Macross (aka Robotech) while growing up in the 1980's. Since then his tastes have evolved into a fairly eclectic mix of anime with a soft-spot for underdog shonen stories, psychological/cyber-punk stories and select love comedies. Jeremy was also the head organizer of Anime Souffle anime club in Los Angeles. It was at an Anime Souffle meeting where he met Michael Huang and eventually was invited to join as a guest co-host for Scattered Cells Podcast episode #6 in February of 2007. Afterwards he became an official part of the Anime Diet crew.

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