Day 2: Bandai Panel Liveblog

4:04 PM: Bandai panel begins. But Gaia Online folks let in before us.

4:05 PM: Freedom, part of their “Honneamise” line (replaces Bandai Visual USA). Trailer playing.

4:08 PM: Code Geass trailer. S1 DVD, pt 1, on August 5th 2008.

4:12 PM: Lucky Star trailer. I’ve seen it before. Computer freezes afterwards.

4:15 PM: Ghost Slayers Ayashi trailer.

4:19 PM: Toward the Terra trailer.

4:22 PM: Girl Who Leapt Through Time trailer. I love, love, love this movie of course. Nov 18th DVD release.

4:25 PM: Gundam Seed Destiny, reformulated into 4 OVAs.

4:28 PM: The snipppet of the Aika trailer has in huge red letters “THIS ANIME IS NOT FOR CHILDREN!”

4:29 PM: Rocket Girls trailer. Is this like a Japan Space Agency recruiting video?

4:31 PM: Gundam 00 trailer. Except it doesn’t play, and is taken over by the Gurren Lagann trailer! Except it freezes, too. So what else is new?

4:33 PM: Still waiting for the computer to work. It’s a Dell laptop running on Vista. Why am I not surprised?

4:34 PM: Finally working. Gundam 00 trailer. Nov 17 on Sci-Fi Channel!

4:37 PM: Gurren Lagann trailer. Also to be broadcast on Sci-Fi Channel.

4:40 PM: GitS 2 re-release. I already own the original Dreamworks DVD.

4:41 PM: Sword of the Stranger, which I saw a chunk of before the panel.

4:44 PM: New manga announcement: Tokikake manga, an adapatation of the film. Not the original manga based on the original novel.

4:45 PM: New license: Hayate no Gotoku! Well, at least most of Season 1 was worthwhile…

4:47 PM: That’s it; Q&A.

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  1. Damn, where were ya? I was Twittering the entire time @_@ It sucks when my cell’s T9Word can’t spell Hayate without manually changing stuff.

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