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Comic Con 2010 – Yen Press Panel Liveblog

New License Announcements

1:08 PMHighschool of the Dead manga licensed.

1:08 PMHigurashi manga (sidestory).

1:10 PMBetrayal Knows My Name. It seems they are focusing on licensing shows that are either very recent or currently on anime…

1;11 PMAron’s Absurd Armada. Full color 4-koma manhwa. Are they into the slashy stuff or what? 🙂

1:12 PMThe Bride’s Stories by Kaoru Mori. Interestingly enough this was mentioned in yesterday’s Best/Worst Manga panel as a promising unlicensed manga. Guess it’s not unlicensed now!


1:14 PM – Yen Press Magazine moving online. There is a hint that a “certain green haired girl” will be making an appearance. Yotsuba?

1:15 PM – The online magazine will not be in Flash. Heh–the iPad may in fact be an ideal device for reading that sort of thing.

1:20 PM – it’s Q&A now. Will record the most interesting questions.


1:20 PM – they feel no need to separate out their yaoi material in a separate imprint. They don’t want to “ghettoize” that stuff.

1:21 PM – the manga will be only viewable online, not downloadable. You can sign in through one login on multiple machines (within reason).

1:23 PM – no new light novels are being planned, aside from continuing existing ones. However, with Haruhi, the Disappearance novel will be coming out soon.

1:24 PM – feels that eInk is not ideal for reading manga, which is why they’re focusing on the iPad and similar devices.

1:25 PM – giveaways. I think that’s it.

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