Comic Con 2010 Tokyopop Panel Liveblog

2:02 PM—Talking about Priest. Saw the Hall H movie preview for this yesterday. I find it interesting that a manhwa is the first potential breakout for TP. The same artist, Min-Woo Hyung, is doing another one called Ghost Face which TP is also publishing.

2:04 PM—Skelanimals. “Adorable and creepy”: not much of the latter if you ask me 🙂

2:04 PM—social media strategy on Facebook. Also, digital distribution via Zinio. I remember reading an Adobe creative magazine via Zinio magazine reader. There’s also e-books via the public library. (I should get my Sony Reader back…)

2:08 PM—Van Von Hunter DVD–that looks like a live action parody? Looks like a personal project of the staff of TP.

2:09 PM—current releases: a graphic novel based on the movie Labyrinth called Return to Labyrinth. The writer of it is a panelist and he’s been talking about it.

2:15 PM—still talking about Return to Labyrinth. It goes on sale on August 1.

2:20 PM—Another adaptation, this time for another Jim Henson property, Legends of the Dark Crystal. It’s 80s fantasy film time! Other adaptations: StarCraft 2.

2:22 PM—Hanako and the Terror of Allegory vol. 2, by Sakae Esuno.

2:24 PM—New releases: Karin (I refuse to call it Chibi Vampire!) Airmail, which is an anthology. Also How to Draw Shojo Manga, which is done from the artist of Ouran, Fruits Basket, Vampire Knight among others. It’s actually produced by the Japanese publisher of various shojo magazines.

2:25 PM—Continuation of Happy Cafe and Alice in the Country of Hearts and Ratman and Future Diary.

2:26 PMHetalia comes out in October. To much cheering, of course, from the fangirls! Also something based on World of Warcraft. There definitely seem to be a lot of those kinds of titles lately.

2:28 PMDemon Sacred “featuring super hot demon boys!” That says it all. “Cute girls, unicorns, and hot guys.”

2:30 PMSaving Life, from the author of Girls Bravo!. “A fan-service bonanza.” Hah, it got no crowd reaction…this is not a fan service crowd I see.

2:31 PM—Summoner Girl. Plus, The Stellar Six of Gingacho, which the editor compares to Honey and Clover but with younger characters. Really? That would be nice…though color me skeptical.

2:33 PM—December releases: Eensy Weensy Monster, which, believe it or not, is by the author of Kare Kano (Masumi Tsuda). I see a stick figure on the cover: is this why they went with stick figures and sketchy art in one of the later episodes of the anime?

2:36 PM—.hack light novels. Full Metal Panic light novel, following the story of The Second Raid.

2:38 PM—I see they have a BL line now called “Blu.” They publish Gakuen Heaven, Baseball Haven (incoming pitcher and catcher jokes!)…see a pattern with these titles here?

2:40 PM—There’s a new Joss Whedon movie called The Cabin in the Woods coming soon. They’re doing the graphic novel of it. That’s the first I heard about this movie…

2:42 PM—Lives, by the author of Battle Royale, which is, well, quite gory. A lot of disemboweling, apparently. (BR was too much for me. See our review of one of the omnibus editions.)

2:43 PM—LOL: Mr. Clean, Fully Equipped! An OCD clean freak saved by a girl.

2:45 PM—it’s Q&A time now. I’m not sure there were actually any new licenses after all, or maybe they just mixed them in with the upcoming releases. Seems that new license announcements are a crapshoot at Comic Con in general–I totally didn’t expect Bandai to have any this year.

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