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You know how zombies are special in Tokyo?

Live-Action Tokyo Zombie Film to Ship on U.S. DVD

…North American distributor will release Sakichi Sato’s live-action film adaptation…star as two factory workers caught in the aftermath of a zombie invasion of Tokyo. Both the original manga and the film use outlandish humor…

Ray’s take: (listening to the Cranberries) Zombie…zoOmbie…zoOMbie.e.e.e.e ho ho ho ho ho (or however the fuck that goes)…But hey, what’s better than Godzilla invading Tokyo? How about zombies invading Tokyo? Not that ordinary salarymen and office ladies in Tokyo don’t already emote like zombies while on the train! In their offices! On the streets! I mean shit, I wondered if I was surrounded by non-flesh eating zombies that just performed their routines with much strain while I was visiting Tokyo for the first time! I even stood in the middle of the street like what they did in movies to show isolation and loneliness among huge crowds of people! Boy it was fun!

And uh yeah, if you’re interested, I guess you can check out the movie. After all, it’s “Premium of  the Dead!”

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