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The latest report on Anime Diet’s progress of taking over the world.

Gentlemen (read: Otaku) and Ladies (read: Female Otaku). Before we all retire for the night, I want to update all of you on the progress of our glorious undertaking of conquering the entire world. You can see the detailed report with animated explosions , jumping bosoms and bishonen smiling (read: just a PDF with graphs and numbers) below:

Our current progress for taking over the world.

I would like to encourage everyone to continue in your great efforts. I know that sacrifices were made (read: waiting in long-assed lines at conventions and buying anime stuff) but it was all worth it. There’s something good left in this world that’s worthy of saving, and that’s Otakuism. Not to mention its comrade-in-arms, Haruhism. The rest of the humanity does not yet understand, but one day, we will make them understand this destiny which all of mankind (read: your skeptical friends) shall be fulfilling when the time is right. Tonight, before you go to sleep, remember this – that no efforts are too small, and no sacrifices are forgotten. One day, our names shall be written in gold in the Books of History (read: in electronic signals in the Internet Archives). Before you retire to your quarters, remember our motto: “Sig Zeon…” I mean “Sig Otaku!”

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For our last update, see here. Mina Ganbatte! Otaku Banzai! Otaku Banzai! Otaku Banzai! XD XD XD

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