Since Mike did his list…

I’ll do mine, simply because I’m bored as hell and I don’t feel like translating all these shitey documents I got right now.
My kick ass show of 2006: Black Lagoon.
My comment: Duh. Yeah. Revy.
My suck ass show of 2006: Ergo Proxy
My comment: stupid flashback, stupid philosophy that doesn’t work, stupid silent story that bores me to death.
My laughed my ass off show of 2006: a tie between school rumble and Azumanga Daioh (I don’t give a shite that season one of school rumble and the whole Azumanga Daioh wasn’t made in 2006, or I could be wrong but again, I don’t give a shite)
My fanboy cheesy school girl show of 2006: High School girls/Girls High.
My comment: Nabatame Hitomi-chan, Shimizu Ai-chan, Noto Mamiko-chan, and lots of girlish things that a guy wants to know about. Quote the show’s self intro screen: “girlish comics for boys and girls.” And a little cheesy but fun comedy doesn’t hurt.
My MOE show of the year: gee, would that be BInchotan?
My comment: if you don’t know it, then you don’t know MOE. Don’t argue with me, dammit!
My feel good but if you didn’t finish it so what show of the year: AA! Megami Sama TV2
My comment: watch it if you love Kikuko-sanma, or if you think this sort of romantic (maybe)comedy isn’t outdated and is fun, oh and if you love the manga so much ( I have every volume and I didn’t bother finish this show).
My surprisingly good show unless you’ve already seen the manga and know that show of the year: D. Grayman.
My comment: better and not cheesy like Chrno Crusade. And if you like the show, keep watching!
My “why the f$#$^$#%$ didn’t you watch it” show is another tie: I’ll go with Gintama and Welcome to NHK. (Well, why the f^@*&#$% didn’t you watch more of it, Ray you moron?)
My comment: for Gintama one laughs his ass off one second and become shonenly touched the next. And yes, I just invented that word. For NHK…well I didn’t watch enough, so yes, I’m a moron.
My “freaky medical show of the year” goes to Ray the animation.
My comment:yeah, good plot but freaky cases.
My “gee, that’s a cheesy way to play a pun on a song and I didn’t even watch this anime!” is: sin in the rain.
My comment: I’m sinning in the rain, I’m SINNING in the rain! $#%$^#$^and I’m happy again!
My favorite yuri(girl love girl) show with shojo-ai flooding throughout the show:strawberry panic.
My comment, Shimizu Ai-chan and Nakahara Mai-chan actually do kiss in the first half ending video! It’s that they just didn’t show it in the show!!! MOE!!! Oh, and I love Nabatame Hitomi-Nakahara Mai pairing…I mean Shizuma and Nagisa pairing.
My “um, I just lost interest because it just got boring” show is Witchblade.
My comment: it just got bland on me.

Finally, my “wow!” show of the year: HARUHI!
with my most MOE seiyuu of the year: Hirano Aya-chan! Her real life voice and looks are just so freakin’ cute that I’d scream MOE all day if she were to stand in of me!

NOTE: the above comment doesn’t represent this station’s opinion. He’s just nuts and probably drunk and trying too hard to be funny…oh, you actually read this far? Otsukaresanma desu=you must be tired!

Author: Ray

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