Oshii with a penny-pinching budget for a film – Good?

From ANN

Sky Crawlers’ Oshii PLans 1 Anime, 2 Live-Action Films

…the writer and director known for the…revealed his upcoming film plans at a Friday event to mark the DVD and Blu-ray Disc releases of…in Tokyo…one of the projects will be aimed at film connoisseurs and will have a penny-pinching budget…

Ray’s take: Wow, Mr. Pretentious with a shoestring budget, very nice. I guess we can expect endless monologues about the meaning being human, eh? You know, I could do that while eating pizza and drinking beer, and hey, if I remember to put a flower into a beer bottle at the end of the film and remember to add some monologue, I may win an indie film award! I guess I want to see the one with epic eroticism and violence. I just hope I’ll stay in my seats after I finish jerking off!

P.S. To our international readers, I’m very sorry for the very American references.

2 thoughts on “Oshii with a penny-pinching budget for a film – Good?

  1. They really ought to start thinking of “penny-pinching budgets” as things to hide, not things to boast about.

    Notice how sad Oshii looks in the picture ANN uses. It might be coincidental but I find it apropos.

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