OK, time to let the parents off the hook…YEAH RIGHT.

From ANN

Oregon Man Says Son Borrowed Mature Manga From Library

…reported on Tuesday on a man who says his 12-year-old son was able to borrow mature manga titles from a…The American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights says…

Ray’s Take: Once again, the parents really don’t have to feel bad for not monitoring and taking responsibility for their kids’ action, right? Well, whatever excuses the parents have, from holding down 50 jobs to they can’t control and monitor their kids all 86400 seconds in a day is getting quite tiring. A lot of times, the more you say no without a good explanation, the more the kid wants to try it…What, I don’t understand parenting? Well, that’s life, isn’t it? You have the kid, you discipline/manage/deal with him/her! That’s life! Blaming others for what’s already happening is so very easy (I should know, I used to do that all the time).

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