Maybe we should do this to Studio Gainax…

…and other anime companies that give us unresolved endings! If Jericho fans can do it, surely so can anime fans. Or we should send something else instead of nuts.
The second shipment of nuts prepares to go to CBS. Those ending-cancelling bastards!

Welcome to the NutsOnline NUTS for Jericho home page, where fans from all over the world are pooling their resources to send thousands of pounds of peanuts to CBS to protest the cancellation of Jericho. In addition to sending individual orders to CBS programming executives, as a Jericho fan you can now contribute money to massive shipments of nuts. NutsOnline will do our part by pooling monies and supplying nuts at a steep discount! At the end of each day we will tally dollars collected and ship out huge quantities of roasted peanuts in the shell!

Why nuts? In the final episode Jake Green (Skeet Ulrich) borrowed the historic phrase “NUTS” in response to a final offer of surrender from a hostile neighboring town. CBS decided to cancel the show, and fans are uprising to save Jericho by sending, you got it, NUTS to CBS executives.

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