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Fangirls: Please Educate Us Ignorant Fanboys!

Renge wants YOU to set us straight!

We have, at last, retired the venerable and successful “Favorite Fanboy Fetish” poll. Thanks to the nearly 400 of you who voted! I have even analyzed some of the results in my anime and gender and lust article. In the spirit of equal time, then, we’ve unveiled a parallel poll: “Favorite Fangirl Fetishes”!

The problem is, we’re all guys here at this blog. If you look at the choices over there, you can probably tell that a good part of whatever knowledge in there mostly comes from my viewing of Ouran (winner of last year’s comedy award) and Fruits Basket…and honestly, we’re not sure if we’re missing anything, as we were in even the fanboy poll. How did we miss “absolute territory”?

Which is why we’re asking for your help, fangirls, guys who like fangirl fetishes, and any of those-who-know-much-more-about-these-sorts-of-things-than-us! What things turn you on that aren’t on the list and deserve inclusion? Leave your feedback in the comments section below. We’ll probably include it if it seems to get a consensus of some kind.

Of course, if by some chance we have in fact covered the bases…then, well, maybe all you need to know about fujoushi fetishes really is contained in Ouran High School Host Club after all! Heh.

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